Huge Discount Opportunity for American Distillers!

07 September 2022

The gist of it

The current macro-economic environment creates a big opportunity for American distillers. As the Euro has become cheaper over the last year, relative to the dollar, purchasing an iStill has become significantly more affordable.

An example

The iStill 2000 Hybrid costs EUR 90,000.-. At the "old" exchange rate per January 1st 2022, with one Euro costing USD 1.15, this translated into a purchase costs in dollars of USD 103,500.-.

Given that the current exchange rate for the Euro is about USD 1.00 instead of USD 1.15, buying in Euro's has become a lot cheaper. The EUR 90,000.- iStill 2000 Hybrid now only costs USD 90,000.-.

There you have it: a BIG opportunity for American distillers to buy iStills at a discount. Where the iStill 2000 Hybrid would have costed you USD 103,500.- a little over half a year ago, it now sets you back only USD 90,000.-. Your savings? USD 13,500.-! If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, please reach out to us via ...


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