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27 May 2021

Who are you? Can you tell us a bit more about your background?

Bronagh Conlon – nurse, midwife, jam maker and now gin maker! I am the founder and owner of Listoke Distillery and gin school in Co. Louth Ireland.

I love a challenge and I always look and think outside the box – thus our latest fund raising escapade of a raffle for part of my amazing distillery!

Bronagh Conlon, Listoke's Master Distiller ...

Bronagh Conlon, Managing Director Listoke Gin School pictured at the Company’s Tinure, Co. Louth Distillery yesterday. PIC COLIN O’RIORDAN

What's Listoke Distillery? And can you tell us a bit more about its philosophy?

Listoke distillery was set up in 2016 with an iStill 50 litre and then an iStill 500. We are now in our new distillery and Gin School – Ireland’s first and best gin school – and have an iStill 2000. We make premium award winning gin and have just launched our Wise Owl Whiskey (WOW).

How was it to start-up? How are things now?

We set up to make gin and then tried the option of the gin school which has really put us on the gin map for tourism and events. Following dusting down from Covid – though we are still making sanitizer – we have re-focused on our exports to the US and further expansion there and Russia with our Cacao & Raspberry pink gin and our Wise Owl Whiskey. We are also just in the process of launching all three products into the Chinese market with a distributor being signed up.

Why did you choose iStill? How were they involved and why was this important to Listoke?

Odin and Veronika have been part of our journey from the very beginning. We were not initially looking at whiskey so we needed the best equipment possible to ensure our gin was the best possible and that meant an iStill.

We love our iStill family – including Odin and Veronika – but especially our baby 50 litre, mammy 500 litre and the boss – 2000 litre. We love to show them off during our distillery tour and explain that our iStill’s “are an iPhone version of a dial up still!!

We can ensure consistency, quality and reliability in every batch we make either for ourselves or for a small corporate run. We are very proud of our super premium quality and the flexibility is exceptional.

Why the raffle? Who can join?

We always think outside the box. There are many people who would just love to be a distillery owner - also, imaging a life time supply of gin- and they can for less than the price of a bottle of gin!!

We are holding the raffle of 5% of Listoke Distillery to help raise funds for our brand activation in China and the US. It’s a novel option for us, but a massive opportunity for someone to be a part of our buzzing family business and to enjoy the ride with us.

At present the 5% is valued at €85,000 however, we are only starting. The lucky winner will be part of Listoke, can make their own gin, attend the gin school and be our top gin taster! There is also a second prise of £10,000 and a third prise of £5,000.

For whom is the raffle and how can they reach you?

I think that anyone with an interest in gin, distilleries and the general 28-+ age group who would just like bragging rights and enjoy free gin!

For more information on how to potentially become a Listoke Distillery owner, please reach out to or see the following link:

Listoke's Gin School (psst ... you can see the iStill 2000 via the first window to the left) ...


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