An Update on UL Certification!

13 July 2022

As the biggest supplier of distilling equipment to the craft distilling industry, we deliver to many different countries. And since not all countries use the same certification rules, we cater to many different certifying bodies. CE and ATEx for Europe. IECEx internationally. UL to the USA, for example.

For the US market, we build the iStills according to UL specifications. Depending on unit size, this adds 2 to 3k to the total costs of purchase.

The unit, when it is build, is shipped to the customer in the USA. The customer then invites a bureau or company, that's approved by the governing body, to assert if the unit is build according to the UL specs. Once established that all is fine, the craft distiller can start putting the iStill to good use.

The advantage of having the UL testing done in the USA is costs. There are a lot of companies that can help out. The competition between them makes the assessment quite affordable. The disadvantage is uncertainty. When will the unit get certified? Will it be a smooth process or a bumpy road full of frustrations?

We now have a solution. You can, as before, order your iStill with UL build specs, and do final assessment at your location. And we can now also test and certify in the Netherlands! That means you get your unit, if you are a US customer, already certified, tested, and assessed. No more need to hire an agency to provide the UL assessment.

If you are interested in this additional service, please note that it adds 5k to the bill. More then it would cost to have the assessment done in the USA, but it might be worth your while since it basically 100% unburdens you from the final approval process ...


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