Add a Copper Column to Your iStill!

21 September 2021


As we are growing and serving an ever larger customer base, we have to take into consideration that not all demand is created equal. That's why as a market leader, over the recent years, we have added plated stills and potstills and copper stills. Today we are taking flexibility one step further: you can now add a copper column to your stainless steel iStill!

Still Types

The iStill Potstill, Plated, and Hybrid are all supported. You can choose any type of iStill and choose to combine the stainless steel boiler with a copper column. Also, all sizes are supported. You can order a complete copper column for your iStill 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, or 5000.

Introduction Pricing for New Orders

Here are our introduction prices. Please be aware that these prices are valid for new still orders placed and paid for in 2021. For 2022 prices will be adjusted upwards.

  • iStill 100 (pot, plated, hybrid): EUR 5.000,-
  • iStill 200 (pot, plated, hybrid): EUR 7.500,-
  • iStill 500 (pot, plated, hybrid): EUR 10.000,-
  • iStill 1000 (pot, plated, hybrid): EUR 15.000,-
  • iStill 2000 (pot, plated, hybrid): EUR 17.500,-
  • iStill 5000 (pot, plated, hybrid): EUR 20.000,-

Do you already have an iStill and want to add a copper column to it? Retrofitting - as usual - is fully supported!

Ordering Process

We are adding the copper column as an option to the design center. Go to, select the still type of choice (pot, plated, or hybrid), choose stainless steel as the bas building material for the boiler, and decide on the size of boiler you want. Now go to options and add the copper column. It is as simple as that!

Do you want to retrofit your current iStill column with the new Complete Copper Column? Email your order, including delivery address, to, so that they can draw up the invoice.

What's included

Everything from the boiler upwards is made out of copper. The potstill's risers, bridge, and product coolers are all made out of copper. For the plated still, things are a little bit different, since the risers are still made our of glass. The connections, the collection plates, the column cooler and product coolers, on the other hand, are all made from copper. The iStill Hybrid's risers, collection plates, column cooler, and product coolers are all made from copper.

Pictures of the iStill 200 Plated Complete Copper Column ...


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