About Us

We design and manufacture modern, game-changing, 21st century technology for craft distillers. Aiming to empower craft distillers from all over the world to successfully compete with big alcohol. While at the same time making the tedious parts of their business, easy and efficient.

Founded in 2012, we have revolutionized the industry in only 7 short years. Turning heads wherever we go. Wherever we speak up. iStill was built upon the realization that most knowledge in our industry was based on tradition, grandfather-wisdom, and luck. We sympathize with the longing for romanticizing what we do, but believe the romance is in creating beautiful drinks and beautiful business, businesses that break trough the mold of averages, businesses that have fans instead of only customers.

Working with ambitious distillers from all over the world, inspires us every day, to keep bashing the status quo. We believe that challenging the way the world is believed to work IS the way to move forward. We believe in thinking outside the box and in doing things differently.

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The iStill University is considered the best education platform in the distilling industry. Rating a 9.8 out of 10. Do you want to become a student of distillation?

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