Game-changing: the iStill Mash Pump!

23 February 2021

What is it?

The iStill Mash Pump is a new high-performance, variable speed, heavy-duty pump for mash, ferment, and stillage transfer. It helps fill or empty mashers, fermenters, or stills in mere minutes.

The best mash pump in the world:

How is it a game-changer?

It is a game changer for two reasons. First, it transfers up to 550 liters per minute. That is 145 gallon in 60 seconds. Fast? Yeah, pretty much the fastest mash pump the craft distilling industry has ever seen.

Secondly, the iStill Mash Pump - due to our engineering prowess and batch production model - creates a price revolution. How competitive the purchase price is? Well, it costs only one third of its nearest competitor! How's that for empowering the craft distilling industry?

Simple, robust, elegant ... and affordable:

What hoses does it work with?

Any brew hose will do. We don't ship 'm with the pump, because hoses are readily available locally. Us shipping them with the pump would basically triple transport costs. Not worth your money, not worth our time.

The iStill Mash Pump comes with 77.5 mm flanges and triclamps. 60 mm hose diameter is perfect. The unit ships with two additional flanges that can be connected to your brew hoses (one in, one out). There is 90 mm of space to insert 'm and to fasten them.

Like this:

Is it for iStills only?

The iStill Mash Pump is tailored for working with the iStills. Flange sizes of the iStills and the pump match. But anyone can purchase our pump. We do not limit sales to iStill customers. Any craft distiller (or craft brewer) that wants wan, can get one.

Attention to detail - variable speed pumping:

Performance figures, please?

The iStill Mash Pump:

  • Variable spe;
  • Transfers up to 550 liters per minute (145 gallons per 60 seconds);
  • Handles particle sizes up to 18 mm;
  • Has a 1.1 kW engine that runs on 230-240v, 50 Hertz;
  • Has an elevation height of up to 9.5 meters (31 feet);
  • Handles fluids with temperatures up until 110 degrees Celsius;
  • Works in environments of up to 40 degrees Celsius;
  • Is build into a frame, with push bar, and braked wheels;
  • Has an on/off switch;
  • Comes with 2 year warrantee.

Exoskeleton for added protection and safe-keeping, and improved ease-of-use:

Do you have more info on pricing and delivery?

Yes! The complete unit costs EUR 3.000,-. Crating and transport will add EUR 500,- to the bill. The units will be crated professionally and shipped to you by airplane.

If you want to order one, please reach out to We'll dispatch the first units in less than two weeks. Transit time is expected to only add a few days to total delivery time.

That'll make for a nice pumping experience:


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