Three More iStills 100 Hybrid for Sale!

16 March 2021

The three 2020 model iStills 100 Hybrid sold out on Monday. Not to disappoint other distillers interested in purchasing an iStill 100 at a discount, we decided to put three new units on sale effective today. New as in that they are the 2021 model with the upgraded 3 inch (instead of 2.5 inch) column and the 5.6 kW heating system instead of the 3.5 kW heater that features on the 2020 model.

The 2021 improvements result in a 25% boost in performance. Also, the current, newer model can be fitted with agitator and indirect heaters. Something the 2020 model didn't offer. A bigger drain is also included, for easier discharge. A slightly more robust build with 3 inch legs, instead of 2.5 inch legs, is also part of the new design.

The iStill 100 Hybrid Semi-Automated comes with the StillControl Probe & App. The unit normally costs EUR 15.000,- ex crating, transport and insurance. For those interested in the now sold-out 2020 model iStills 1000, please know that we give a discount of 2.5k, resulting in a purchase price of just EUR 12.500,-.

If you want to order one, please reach out to no later than coming Friday. If you share your company details, Esther will draw up the purchase agreement First come, first served, and three is the absolute maximum we can let go at this discount price! The units will ship in two weeks after payment is received.

Here is a picture of the 2020 (left) and 2021 (right) models ...


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