The Distillers Tradeshow is Live!

08 October 2020

iStill provides the craft distilling industry with equipment, education, and recipes. Is that all you need, running or starting a craft distillery? No, it isn't. As a craft distiller, you have many more things on your plate, many more decisions to make.

More products or services that you need, for example. More questions that need answering, often on an ongoing basis. Like "who is my ingredient suppliers and where do I buy my yeast and barrels?", "Where do I get provisions like pumps and hoses?", and "What services do I need, related to representation, education, design, electricity, or leasing?"

The Distillers Tradeshow - iStill's latest initiative to further empower the craft distilling industry - aims to be an accessible source and provider of information, organizations, and companies that can help you answer the above questions. The tradeshow initiative presents customer friendly, solution driven third parties that can help you out.

Not just any company or organization, but only those that come recommended and endorsed by actual iStill customers. And not just any tradeshow either ...

The Distillers Tradeshow will be ongoing in nature, accessible to anyone, and free of charge. Contrary to "regular" tradeshows, your information will not be sold to third parties for commercial or promotional use.

Currently, the Distillers Tradeshow has the following headers:

  • Finance;
  • Ingredients;
  • Barrels;
  • Bottles;
  • Services.

Each category sees a limited number of suppliers, that we'll end up ranking according to your experiences. Ultimately, we might ask those suppliers if they have discounts or bonuses in place for the tradeshow visitors ...

The Distillers Tradeshow is for craft distillers and by craft distillers. It is a living support platform to the industry, here to stay. Even though still in its infancy, currently, we expect it to grow organically over time.

"Organically" as in that you'll develop it and that we will help develop it. How? If you have recommendations on suppliers, that you feel deserve a place on the Distillers Tradeshow floor, please email with your suggestions and recommendations.


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