Teslaquila Cybertruck by iStill!

30 December 2019
Introduction A year and a half ago Elon Musk was found passed out against a Model 3, surrounded by "Teslaquila" bottles. Later, Elon filed a "Teslaquila" trademark and promised us he'd release the spirit soon. But what is soon in Elon-Time? To help bring Teslaquila to the market sooner, iStill, the world's leading manufacturer of distillation equipment, decided to join the party and create both a recipe and distillery set-up to help Elon out, using the Tesla Cybertruck platform.

Elon passed out on Teslaquila ...


Cybertruck The Tesla Cybertruck is a futuristic truck that runs on electricity. It is expected to have a battery pack of 250 to 300 kWh and fully autonomous driving. With its ground clearance and advanced 3-motor, 4-wheel drive system it can take you anywhere.

Guess what fits perfectly in the Cybertruck's bed ...


iStill The iStill 2000 is a 21st century technology distillery that runs on electricity, and is up to 90% more efficient than traditional distilling solutions. With its advanced column design, automation and robotization it can make any drink to perfection, time and again, fully autonomous, including Teslaquila. In order to create Teslaquila, all that is needed is agave syrup, yeast, and water. The iStill 2000, powered via the Cybertruck's batery pack will do the rest. The Teslaquila Cybertruck can make up to 625 bottles of booze in one run, using no more than 200 kWh in the process.

With iStill technology the Cybertruck can make Teslaquila on autopilot ...


Tesla + iStill = Teslaquila Cybertruck The Teslaquila Cybertruck can be ordered as of January 1st 2020. First deliveries will take place early 2021. The price of the Cybertruck/iStill hybrid that can make Teslaquila as well as any other spirit you are interested in will start at $ 150,000.

iStill's Teslaquila Cybertruck ...


With column configuration ...


On the road ...




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