Super Fast Production & Delivery, iStill Style!

03 April 2020
A customer from across the pond, urgently needing an iStill 2000, ordered the unit we had on display in the iStill University. He contacted us last Friday. The money came in on Monday morning. We managed to have the unit disassembled and ready for crating by noon. Crating was done on Monday afternoon. The unit flew across the pond in an airplane on Tuesday. Now, please know that our normal lead times are currently 4, maybe 5 months due to overall high demand. But for those that help battle corona by making hand-sanitizer, please know that we still have the capability to put in extra shifts and produce units outside of normal batches. It comes at a 15% increase in costs (overtime, non-optimal steel purchase quantities, etc.), but we are - as an exception - still able to push out units in 6 to 7 weeks. That's not as fast as the above example, but then again, we have all but sold-out our iStill University. Only thing left that's ready for transport in days instead of weeks is an i500 and some iStills Mini.

iStill 2000 leaving for Canada in a hurry ...



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