05 August 2020
iStill - a mission of innovation Our mission is to help craft distillers compete with big alcohol producers. Our pay-off is "distilling made easy". Combine one with the other, and you understand that innovating isn't something we do on a project basis. No, instead, innovating is what we do on a continuous basis! We are proud to inform you about our newest innovation. We believe it will make distilling easier and we are convinced it will arm craft distillers with the tools needed to take the battle to Big Alcohol. How? With StillControl. StillControl - what is it? StillControl is our newest innovation. It combines a Bluetooth thermometer probe with an app. StillControl - what does it do? The probe measures the temperature in your distillation column or riser and relays the signal to the StillControl app. In the StillControl app you dial in your cut-points for heads, hearts, and tails. As the temperature rises during your distillation run, the app warns you when to cut. StillControl - what does it achieve? StillControl achieves control over your distillation run. It creates consistency and reproducibility. StillControl - for whom is it? First, StillControl will be released to iStill customers that run the R&D iStill Mini, or that run or order one of the manual iStills:
  • iStill Mini
  • iStill Manual Potstill 100, 200, and 500
  • iStill Manual Plated Still 100 and 200
  • iStill Manual Hybrid 100 and 200
New orders for our manual stills, from now onwards, come with StillControl included. On a later date, probably in about a year from now, we'll release StillControl to the craft distilling industry at large, so that distilleries that do not run iStill equipment can also benefit. StillControl - wanna see how easy it is to use? Here is a short start-up movie of an actual test run that's being performed as this iStill Blog post is released: [wpvideo FaqVtTTl] StillControl - pictures

StillControl app ...


StillControl probe currently being tested on the iStill 100 Hybrid Manual ...



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