Power-Boost Your iStill 2000!

14 January 2021

As a result of our continuous innovation, the iStill 2000 just got a power-boost. By how much? That depends on if you run your iStill 2000 with direct or indirect heaters. Currently, both systems have 36 kWh of power available. We have upgraded the indirect heaters to 40.5 kWh. The directly heated iStill 2000 goes to 45 kWh. That's a 12.5% and 25% power-boost respectively.

The advantages of the power-boost? Faster heat-up times and faster production runs. Yeah, that pretty much summarizes it.

Any iStill 2000, ordered from today onwards, will get the power-boost. Due to our constant focus on cost control, we can add this innovation without raising the price of the unit.

Existing iStill 2000 customers can upgrade as well. The direct heating upgrade package costs EUR 4.000,-. The indirect power-boost costs EUR 5.000,-.

The retrofit package consists of additional heaters, wires, breakers, and more. It takes a qualified elektricien about half a day to adapt the PLC and to install the new heaters professionally.

If you want to order the retrofit package, email Finance@iStillmail.com. They'll provide you with a payment-link and invoice.



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