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08 July 2021


iStill is a one stop shop. As a craft distiller, you develop, produce, and sell your own spirits. We help you with each and every step. Why? Acquiring equipment without knowing how to make a great gin, rum, or whiskey doesn't make sense. Making great product without knowing how to sell it, doesn't make much sense either. That's the "why". Now, let us dive into the "how".


To be able to distill great spirits, you first need to become a great distiller. The iStill University offers an amazing theoretical course as well as a hands-on follow-up course. The iStill Mini is the perfect training still and the perfect recipe development still. Our courses aim to help you become a craft distiller. This means that you learn how to create recipes, how to distill these recipes into quality spirits, and how to sell them and take advantage of market opportunities. As a graduated student, you can apply to the iStill University Facebook group, where over 300 fellow iStillers help each other out, asking and answering questions.


Our distilling equipment is based on 21st century theory and technology. Not on romantic ideas stemming from the 1800's. You are opening a business, after all, and not a museum, right? Okay, so here's what we offer: modern equipment with unparalleled process control. It helps make distilling easier. More controlled spirits production processes, so improved reproducibility, resulting in higher quality products at lower production costs. Again, you are a craft distiller, not the night manager at the Smithsonian.

Recipe development

Do you want your recipes and spirits to be top notch? Of course you do. We offer recipe development services that help you perfect your spirits. Together, our training and equipment and recipe development services help you win medals. See:


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