Odin Removes Sulfur!

23 August 2018
Problem Wine gets sulfur (SO2) added to it to prolong its longevity. Basically, the sulfur kills of any yeast or bacteria that could otherwise create spontaneous fermentation or basic spoiling of the wine. But, even though sulfur has its merits in wine making, it does create a problem for brandy makers. Especially for brandy makers that want to use wine that has added sulfur to it. Why? Because, during the brandy distillation process, not only the alcohol of the wine gets concentrated, but the sulfur as well. And when the sulfur, by concentration, breaches the taste thrash hold, the brandy all of a sudden becomes undrinkable. Undrinkable to the extend that the brandy now basically tastes like rocket fuel. Solution Hydrogen peroxide reacts with sulfur and neutralizes it. It is therefore perfect to get rid of the sulfurs in the wine you bought or made to make brandy from. Here is how it works:
  • Measure the quantity of wine;
  • Measure the amount of sulfur (the supplier should be able to inform you correctly!);
  • Calculate total amount of sulfur;
  • Add enough hydrogen peroxide and mix it in;
  • Let the wine - with added hydrogen peroxide - sit with an open lid over night;
  • Distill the wine;
  • Because the sulfur has been neutralized, you can now make amazing brandy!
Sulfur Dioxide Remover How much total sulfer is in the batch of wine you acquired? How much hydrogen peroxide do you need? I tried to make life easier for you by designing a Sulfur Dioxide Remover. You just fill in batch size, sulfur content, and how strong your counter-acting hydrogen peroxide is, and the Calculator will tell you exactly how much of the hydrogen peroxide solution available to you is needed. Click on the link below to upload the Sulfur Dioxide Remover Calculator: SO2 vs H2O2.




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