New iStill 250!

21 April 2022


We are introducing a new model: the iStill 250! This new unit, with 250 liter net boiler capacity, replaces the current iStill 200, that will be discontinued from now onwards. The all new iStill 250 will be bigger, stronger, and more versatile. Let's dive in deeper.


The all-new iStill 250 comes with a flush square boiler design for optimized mixing. The boiler comes with the additional manhole.

The unit can be equipped with iStill's revolutionary and proprietary J-PAS agitator system. The iStill 250 can be ordered with direct or indirect heaters, and a power management capacity of up to 16 kWh, for ultra-fast heat-up and run times. The boiler radiator is another option that's supported on our latest model.

The new iStill 250 can distill any spirit to perfection, on and off the grain. It can also mash and ferment, making it a single-vessel distillery all on its own. Just like its bigger brothers, the iStills 500, 1000, 2000, and 5000.


The iStill 250 can be ordered as of right now. It replaces the current iStill 200, that will no longer be produced.

Technical Drawing New iStill 250 boiler ...


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