iStills on the Islands of Scilly!

12 November 2018

Hello Odin and Veronika!

Just before you head off for your weekend (relaxing I hope!!), we would just like to send you photos of our stills arriving on Scilly. The crossing from Lands End was a rough windy one as we are having pretty bad weather here on the islands… but they were packaged so brilliantly that they got here safely!

We are now very excited to put them together and when the final electrics and plumbing have been sorted, we will be ready to distill! In the meantime we have our first delivery of GNS next week and so will be finalising our gin recipe ready to scale up!

Have a great weekend!

Best wishes

Hils and Art

The iStills arrive at the distillery ...


iStill Extractor on an iStill floor ...


Unloading the iStill 500 ...


Uncrating the still ...

IMG_0108 2

View from the back ...


Assembly can start ...



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