iStill USP's!

16 February 2021


By introducing innovative and disruptive new technology to the market, iStill aims to empower the craft distilling industry. But what does our technology give you? How do we empower craft distillers all over the world? Or - to put it in marketing terms - what are iStill's unique selling points or USP's? Let's dive in deeper.


More than any other still out there, iStills are designed with perfect process control in mind. Our focus on technologically advanced monitoring and management systems, allow the craft distiller to make the same product over and over again, while deleting the risk of output variability.


The total control over taste formation, concentration, and separation processes results in higher quality spirits. More flavorful whiskey, gin, brandy, and rum. More neutral vodka.


iStill's application and incorporation of 21st century technology results in more efficient distilling. Operational costs of an iStill distillery are only about 25%, when compared to a traditional set-up.


An iStill can make any product. Instead of having to invest into new equipment for each and every new spirit you want to release, our technology supports the production of any spirit, be it whisky, rum, brandy, gin, vodka, tequila, or liqueur.


Our stainless steel stills don't rust and deteriorate. Careful material selection and a focus on over-engineering, results in the industry's best longevity and lowest down-time ratio's.


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