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03 December 2019
Customer feedback "ABV taste is damn close to magic. Great stuff, well done!

Thanks for the update :-)"

Jon Atherton Owner & Master Distiller Brisbane Distillery, QLD, Australia Explanation iStill offers 21st century distillation equipment, that comes with automation and robotization. One of the latest innovations we released is ABV-Control. There are two varieties, our customers can choose from: ABV-Control "Pure" and ABV-Control "Taste". Both maintain a dialed in ABV. You want your spirit to come out at a certain percentage? iStill's ABV-Control will take care of it. If you choose ABV-Control "Pure", the iStill will create the highest purity spirit at 95% plus. It is the ultimate vodka program, with perfect heads and tails cuts and maximum yield of hearts at the highest possible percentage. When you dial in ABV-Control "Taste", you yourself decide on what percentage you want your spirit to come off the still. Want to go from an 8% beer to a 65% strong hearts cut for barrel aging? Just dial it in, and the iStill will execute it perfectly. Additional advantages are:
  • Hearts come out at your chosen ABV;
  • Minimal losses to heads and tails result in a bigger hearts yield;
  • Up to 25% more flavor in brandy, rum, or whisk(e)y.
We upgraded Jon to ABV-Control via an over-the-air update yesterday. He is very happy with it, because he can now make his rum in one single distillation run, and have it come out at the exact ABV ("alcohol by volume") he wants ...



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