iStill Boiler Radiator!

25 March 2021

The boiler radiator is proprietary iStill technology, that can be ordered from the iStill 500 and upward. What it is? An active cooler in your iStill's boiler. Why you want it? Well, for instance, because you want to mash or ferment in your iStill. Fermentation creates heat. Controlling your fermentation temperatures is critical for consistent quality flavor creation. The iStill Boiler Radiator does the cooling for you. Automatically, effective, efficiently.

But there is more. You can also use the iStill Boiler Radiator to cool-down after mashing. "Mashing" as in that you can mash in the iStills? Yes, you can. If you add the boiler radiator to your option list, that is.

A third goal you can achieve with the help of the boiler radiator is to cool down your stillage, after a run, as quickly as possible. Lower temperature stillage is easier to handle.

Finally, the boiler radiator can be used to recover energy. A hot boiler (or mash or ferment) holds a lot of energy. Via the iStill Boiler Radiator, you can harvest that energy and create - for instance - warm mash water. Pre-heated mash water creates for a faster and more efficient mash-cycle.

Boiler radiator in action: cooling back 1500 liters of boiler charge ...


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