Innovation: New iStill Mini 50 Liter Boiler !

22 March 2021

The iStill Mini is our recipe development and training still. It features a 10 liter (net capacity) boiler for quick and inexpensive trial runs. The iStill Mini can be ordered with or without column packing, and with or without Extractor. We added an amazing new option: the iStill Mini can now be ordered with an additional 50 liter boiler!

The additional 50 liter boiler allows the craft distiller to do longer runs, to better simulate the longer production runs on bigger iStills, once initial recipe development is done. The bigger boiler also makes for a nice intermediate, semi-production size unit for small batch or start-up production.

The 50 liter boiler uses the same heating system as the 10 liter boiler. The 4 kWh system and power manager are more than adequate. Heat-up, in 50 liter mode, takes about an hour. Run times are - depending on power setting - about 3 to 4 hours.

From now onwards, you can order the 50 liter boiler with your iStill Mini purchase, via If you already have the iStill Mini system (the new post S/N 250 model) and want to add just the 50 liter boiler, please reach out to directly. In both cases, the 50 liter boiler, including crating and transport, will cost you EUR 2.500,-.

10 vs. 50 liter boiler iStill Mini ...


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