Contract Distilling for iStill Customers!

06 December 2020

iStill supplies innovative distilling technologies, amazing distilling courses, and the best spirits recipes. Via these three activities, we hope to empower the craft distilling industry. But, as it turns out, some of our customers need more support. And that's where contract distilling for iStill customers comes into play.

In order to set up a successful distillery, a craft distiller needs the best technology, training, and recipe. But he or she also needs a location and the applicable licensing to be able to start producing spirits. Often the building and the governmental approvals take more time. More time than the other topics. Or more time than planned for.

We now provide iStill customers with contract distilling services. If you have an iStill on order and if you followed the iStill Distilling University successfully, we can start producing your spirits for you. To that goal we established Loki Distillery. Loki Distillery will be managed by Sebastiaan Smits, whom most of you will know as the lead trainer at the iStill courses.

Are you an iStill customer that is interested in releasing product to the market sooner? Or are you maxed out and in need of temporary additional production capacity? Then reach out to for initial talks on how we can be of assistance.

William, Sebastiaan, and Kevin ...


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