Certified iStill Whiskey Workshop in Utah!

27 August 2018
Yes! Sunday September 2nd we start another 4-day Workshop. Where? Eden, Utah. An hour north of SLA. What? All you need to know to make the best whiskey possible. Corn, bourbon, rye, single malt. The ins & outs. Knowledge so ancient most of it has been forgotten. Until we dug it up. And science so bright new, it will give you the chance to take your whiskey to the next level. How? By learning about cuts. Taste. Management. And most importantly: control. If you want to learn more about the noble art of whiskey production, hands-on, state-of-the-art, in a small group at the great New World Distillery, please reach out to Veronika@iStillmail.com. We still have few places available!

Whiskey cuts by taste ...


Whiskey cuts by theory ...


Whiskey cuts by science ...


Corn whiskey wash ...

[wpvideo xLzQx9Es]



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