Bigger Manual Potstills Now Available!

10 November 2020

The iStill Manual Potstills, supported by the StillControl Probe & App, allow for semi-automated runs. You dial your recipe into the app, the probe measures your run progress, the app instructs you when to cut for heads, hearts, and tails.

Up until now, we had the manual, semi-automated potstills available in 100, 200, and 500 liter boiler sizes. Bigger manual potstills are now available! How big? Any size you like. Orders can be placed as of right now. For sizes and prices, see underneath:

  • iStill 100 Potstill Manual: EUR 10.000,-
  • iStill 200 Potstill Manual: EUR 15.000,-
  • iStill 500 Potstill Manual: EUR 20.000,-
  • iStill 1000 Potstill Manual (new!): EUR 35.000,-
  • iStill 2000 Potstill Manual (new!): EUR 50.000,-
  • iStill 5000 Potstill Manual (new!): EUR 75.000,-

iStill 500 Manual Potstill, third from the left ...


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