Become a Certified Master Distiller Now!

17 August 2022

The iStill University organizes a new Certified Master Distiller Training in September. When exactly? From Monday September 5th until Thursday September 8th. Where? In the Netherlands at iStill HQ!

The Certified Master Distiller Training continues where the Certified Craft Distiller Training stops. The first course is mostly theoretical and provides the groundwork of knowledge each and every craft distiller should have. The master distiller course in September is all about training. Training your taste buds. Training you on how to make whiskey, rum, brandy, gin, vodka, and liqueurs. You'll basically be spending four days behind various stills, making various products, guided by our master distillers. Master distillers that have developed over 450 award winning recipes ... and they are at your service!

We still have three places available, due to one customer having to delay their training. Want to learn more about distilling? Want to learn more about the Certified Master Distiller Course? Please reach out to


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