The All-New iStill 200!

15 June 2020
Introduction As times change, so do customer preferences. Asking our customers and relations what they feel would be a great addition to the iStill product-range, many of you reported that an iStill 200 would be a really nice inclusion to our line-up. Your wish is our demand, so we hereby proudly present ... the iStill 200! In this iStill Blog post we'll elaborate on the features, their benefits, the different varieties, pricing, and the sort of customers the unit aims at. Here we go! Features
  • 200 liter net boiler capacity;
  • 4 inch diameter column;
  • 2.5 inch drain;
  • 4 inch legs;
  • 11.2 kW heating system;
  • Both direct and indirect heating are options;
  • Jet Propulsion Agitator System (J-PAS) is now an option;
  • StillControl App & Thermometer for Manual Series.
  • The iStill 200 can distill any product;
  • Easy discharge of pulp or on the grain left-overs;
  • Sturdy design;
  • Fast heat-up and run times;
  • Both off the grain and on the grain and pulp distilling are supported;
  • Manual Series: StilControl helps you manage your run and replicate recipes;
  • NextGen Series: automation and robotization executes runs and replicates recipes.
  • iStill 200 Potstill;
  • iStill 200 Plated;
  • iStill 200 Hybrid.
  • Manual or Automated & Robotized;
  • Agitator and Indirect Heaters (combined).
Pricing iStill 200
  • iStill 200 Potstill Manual: EUR 15.000,-;
  • iStill 200 Plated Manual: EUR 17.500,-;
  • iStill 200 Hybrid Manual: EUR 20.000,-
  • iStill 200 Potstill (Automated & Robotized): EUR 20.000,-;
  • iStill 200 Plated (Automated & Robotized): EUR 30.000,-;
  • iStill 200 Hybrid (Automated & Robotized): EUR 35.000,-;
  • Agitator and Indirect Heaters: EUR 5.000,-.
Customer profile
  • Starting distilleries;
  • Gin and liqueur distilleries that work with GNS;
  • Small batch distilleries or distilleries that want to add small batch production to their portfolio;
  • "Bauern Brennereianlagen" (farmers doing seasonal fruit brandy distillations in f.i. Southern-Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and the Elzas.
Ordering process The all-new iStill 200 can be ordered as of now. Please know that our website will see a major overhaul in July. The new model is not yet shown on our current website. For more information and ordering, please reach out to directly.

The new iStill 200 Hybrid ...

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