Our Lead Times Are Increasing!

22 August 2020
Dear customers and iStill aficionados, we are sorry to inform you that our lead times are increasing. Of our production stills, not of the iStill Mini. There are two basic causes why this is happening:
  1. A 65% increase in orders over the last 6 months;
  2. Corona delays the delivery of some supplies and parts to iStill HQ.
People that want to put down orders, are advised to do so as soon as possible. New order lead time, due to the huge boost in demand that we've seen, increases from 4 months to 6 months. Some parts and supplies take longer to get delivered to iStill HQ, due to the Corona virus, a veritable force majeure. As a result, some (a minority, but still) of the orders, that we processed in the last few months, will see a delay in delivery of one to two months. Our sincerest apologies, The iStill Management Team.




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