Meet the Beast!

31 August 2022

The iStill 5000 is the biggest still / distillery we produce. It can mash, ferment, and distill up to 5000 liters of boiler charge. It'll produce any drink to perfection. You dial in a recipe, save it, and the iStill 5000 will do that run over and over again. Precision leads to reproducibility leads to consistent quality.

Lowest energy consumption per liter of spirits produced? You bet! Depending on settings the iStill 5000 is 90 to 95% energy efficient, versus 25 to 30% energy efficiency for traditional stills. Lower costs directly translate into higher margins, and green is the new gold.

Longevity? We have units that are in constant spirits production and have over 20,000 hours under their belt. Without downtime. Without issues. Without the need for spare or replacement parts. We build distilleries that last. Decades, not years.

Underneath are pictures of the latest iteration of the iStill 5000. With upgraded 120 kW power management and the new reworked and slightly taller and beefier column. We currently have two in production. One for a Japanese whiskey distillery, the other for a Belgium gin distillery.

The next one could be yours. I mean, what other distillery allows you to mash, ferment, and distill 2.5 barrels of 60 to 65% new make spirit per week with time left to also produce a batch of 4,000 bottles of - say - gin or vodka? What other still helps you produce - again, on a weekly basis - up to 17,500 bottles of rum or whiskey? Fully automated, no need for an expensive master distiller, and for less than 175,000 dollars or Euro ...

This one goes to Belgium, sorry ...

Fully build-up, which takes less than 3 hours ...


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