iStill Glossology!

03 July 2020
Introduction Here's an explanation of the terminology we use, when giving the iStills their names. What does "iStill 100 Hybrid NextGen" mean? And how is it different from an "iStill 200 Potstill Manual"? Let's dive in deeper ... Manufacturer All iStills are called "iStill". The plural is "iStills". One iStill 100 and two iStills 100. It is that easy. Size Since size matters, that's what comes next. Our sizes are in metric. "iStill 500" for example means "500 liter boiler". Please note that, contrary to other still manufacturers, we display net filling content instead of gross filling levels. An iStill 500 fits 500 liters of wash or low wines. And an iStill 2000 holds 2000 liters. Column type Next comes the column type. We have potstills, plated stills, and hybrid stills. An iStill 500 Potstill is ... well, a net 500 liter potstill, designed and made by iStill. The iStill Potstill performs a single distillation during a run, and creates robust flavors. Think Single Malt whisky, heavy rums, and Cognac or Gin. The iStill Plated performs multiple distillation cycles in one run, and creates medium flavored products. This unit is great for brandy, Bourbon, Irish whiskey, and medium rums. The iStill Hybrid is the jack-of-all-trades. It can perform a pot distillation like the iStill Potstill. It can perform multiple distillation cycles in one run, like the iStill Plated. And it can do many distillation cycles in one run, when making vodka. This unit can make any spirit. Management The last bit in our nomenclature depicts how the iStill is managed. It can be done manually, with the iStill Manual Series, or via the automation & robotization that our NextGen series offer. The iStill 500 Potstill Manual, for instance, works together with the StillControl App & Probe. The probe relais the temperature to the app on your phone. The app allows you to dial in cut points and tells you when to cut for heads, hearts, and tails. The iStill 500 Potstill Nextgen is fully automated. You can dial in your own cut points and the unit will - automatically - cut for heads, hearts, and tails. Examples The iStill 2000 Hybrid NextGen is a 2000 liter net boiler capacity still, with a hybrid column, that is managed via our amazing automation & robotization. The iStill 200 Plated Manual is a 200 liter net boiler capacity still, with a plated column, that is managed by you, using the StillControl App & Probe. The iStill 5000 Potstill NextGen is our 5000 liter still, with potstill column, that is managed via iStill's automation & robotization suite.

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