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21 December 2018
Introduction Here's the first iStill Blog post in a series of four, where we dive into how our total product-line helps you at starting your distillery. Today's topic? Rum distilling! What equipment do you need to make rum and how does investing in iStill equipment translate to production numbers? Yes, we are primarily focussing on the primary production process. Not on pumps, labelers and bottle-fillers. iStill Fermenter 5000 and iStill 2000 Basically, all you need to start producing rum in sizable quantities is a 5000 liter iStill Fermenter and an iStill 2000. You buy in molasses. Put it in the iFermenter. Add water and yeast. With the iStill Fermenter, you will be able to ferment to around 5000 liter of 10% rum wines in two to three days. That's 10,000 liters of ready to distill ferment per week. For more reading on the amazing flavor development tools, the iStill Fermenter gives you, please see: https://istillblog.com/2018/12/07/innovation-fermenting-made-easy/. Now use the iStill 2000 to create any type of rum you like. Light, medium, heavy, its all there, in the automation and software. For you to select, for you to control. Or decide to delegate control to your iStill and spend your time where on other craft distilling tasks. However you choose to do things, please know that the iStill 2000 can finish your 10,000 liters of rum wines in 5 runs. That's one run a day, five days per week. Investment The iStill Fermenter 5000 costs EUR 25.000,-. We advice you to equip the iStill 2000 with Dynamic Cuts Management. An additional manhole on the still is always nice. The iFermenters have one as standard, but for the iStills it's a choice. Thus equipped, the iStill 2000 will cost you EUR 43.250,-. Total investment in your rum distillery? EUR 68.250,-. If you are from the USA or UK and interested in rent-to-own, the monthly costs, on a five year scheme, would be EUR 1.453,-. Production numbers Two ferments per week add up to 10,000 liters of 10% rum wine. Via distillation in the iStill 2000, this amount translates to around 2,000 bottles of finished rum per week. If you produce during 50 weeks every year, your iStill rum distillery yields up to 100,000 bottles per year. Energy costs? It will do so at an energy input of less than 0,75 kWh per bottle. Design your own iStill Distillery online! Do you want to design your own distillery? Rum or otherwise? Please check out:


The iFermenter 5000 and the iStill 2000 for your perfect rum distillery ...




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