Cocktails in Times of Corona!

21 April 2020
Rummieclub is a rum distillery operating out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This is how they deal with the corona pandemic: In our last newsletter the whole world was different; We were looking forward to our opening party and all the nice workshops and events we had planned. Our calender is completely empty now and we are making plans for a society on 1,5 meter distance, bizarre. Even though the timing couldn't have been worse for us at the start of our sales and the moment we have the least savings, we are busy making plans how to survive this. The first few weeks we focussed on extra production and we expect to sell next month at the webshops of liquor stores. We are not there yet, but luckily there is already a way to taste our rum; We are starting a cocktail delivery service this week! As distillery in the Netherlands we are not allowed to sell rum to consumers ourselves; Spirits with more than 15% alcohol can only be sold by liquor stores. But that's not the case for our rum cocktails as they are below 15% abv. And that's why we are opening a Rummieclub Cocktail Service in the region of Amsterdam! Do you also want a lovely summer cocktail (250ml) with the first Rummieclub rum or know people in Amsterdam? In the image above you can see how it works and what we have on the menu this week. Next order deadline is Wednesday 15 april. Do you want to help us? Share this message with your friends. Support your locals :)

Rummieclub Cocktails ...

Rummieclub Cocktail service_english.jpg


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