Australian iStill Workshop!

03 November 2018
We just completed our 4-day distilling workshop in Australia. With 18 participants, the group was pretty big. Since we even had to turn people down, we'll probably do another class in Oz in the second quarter of 2019. The workshop combined our state-of-the-art theories on mashing, fermenting, and distillation with hands-on activities. In the course of just 4 days, we made a single malt whisky, a brandy, some vodka, and no less than 3 gins. The students helped with mashing, fermenting, and distilling. With the help of iStill's amazing Extractor technology a strawberry and cinnamon liqueur were produced. Pictures underneath!

Odin and the students ...


Dinner ...


Mashing in the iStill 2000 ...


The iStills Mini have arrived ...



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